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Collaboration & How I Review Products

I can’t wait to work together! I love reviewing new products!

I receive many emails regarding product reviews, so I’ve written a review manifesto based on my principals and style of writing honest reviews for my audience.


  • Use your product and write my own review in my own words
  • Make a YouTube video and a blog post on my website about the product
  • Disclose if the product was free, or if I have to return it
  • Update my review based on future releases and features (I have to keep the product, to review these future features)


  • Forward my review to anyone before posting
  • Alter my review of a product after finishing, unless the product changes and I can re-review
  • Write a review on an external website (Amazon), posing as a person who purchased the product

Send Products To…

Aerial Guide, Keith
14837 Detroit Ave, Ste 187
Lakewood Ohio 44107

Honest & Fair Reviews

I absolutely love using new technology and products. That is what makes this industry so interesting and attractive. There are new products that are changing the way we work and I like being a helpful resource for my audience. When it comes to reviewing products, integrity and honesty are very important to me. My word is all I have, and I will not lie to my audience. My reviews are 100% my own words, and I will point out the good/bad features of the product. I will mention who the product is tailored to based on price, features, etc. My reviews are customer focused, I will compare the product to other competing products.

I look forward to working together, you can get a hold of me at or using the contact form here.

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