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Web & Graphic Design is my day job, Videography and Photography is my side hustle.

Growing up shooting skateboarding with a VHS camera, I’ve seen a lot of progression in cameras and technology over the years - but the introduction of drones was a game changer. Drones have come a long way in a short time. High quality, stabilized cameras that allow you to capture amazing visuals, right out of the box.

After getting my first drone, I looked to online communities to post and get inspiration, and realized there were a lot of people who had photography/videography/drones questions but were going unanswered. When I started answering questions, people began using their new knowledge to go out and create awesome imagery. I decided to make Aerial Guide to help others and learn some new things myself.

Better Visuals. Faster Workflows. 

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I love collaborating, and I love trying out new technology. If you like either of those things, I’d love to talk! 

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