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March 2019 Featured Drone Pilot: Raz Izzuddin Banner Image

March 2019 Featured Drone Pilot: Raz Izzuddin

Razz Izzuddin is part of our Instagram and Facebook Community Group, he has been continuously tagging, commenting and being an overall great community member! He's a hobbiest drone pilot from Malaysia and has only been shooting photos and videos for the past 2 years - after purchasing his first action camera. His work has really progressed and he’s only getting better! Congrats on being our featured drone pilot for March 2019! Here is Razz’s interview

How were you introduced into the world of photography/videography?

The interest was sparked when my wife and I decided to travel around Europe in 2017 for our honeymoon. Thus to record our memories for the incoming journey, I started looking for a suitable camera. GoPro Hero 5 was indeed a perfect choice as I was able to capture amazing photos & videos. I was also motivated and inspired by remarkable uploads by other Instagram’s users.

How did you get started into photography with a drone?

The thirst for better photos and video is never ending as I have fallen in love with photography. I wanted to capture beautiful sceneries from all angle thus drone is the best option for me.

Do you use your drone for commercial work? How did you get started in commercial work?

No. I don’t view myself as professional yet. So far all I did are for my personal leisure.

Did you go to school for photography/videography or are you self-taught?

I self-taught myself by learning and analyzing the uploads by those professional photographers in YouTube, Instagram etc.

What’s your favorite photo or video you’ve ever taken?

It is hard to choose since I love all my photos and videos that I have uploaded even though they are not comparable to those taken by pros (Haha).

What’s the most difficult part of being an aerial photographer/videographer?

I guess it would be the problem with some technical issues that sometimes make it hard to capture good pictures. And the weather of course, as Malaysia is one of the world’s highest rainfall countries.

What inspires you to get out and shoot?

Nothing inspires me more than producing an authentic image that captures the true nature of my subject.

What’s your best piece of advice for anyone just starting out with drone photography/videography?

Never give-up. Your drone might crash (mine did twice) but never your spirit. It is amazing world out there, let us appreciate the beauty while it lasts.

What’s your current drone/photography setup?

Just a random setup depends on the situation.

What editing programs do you use?

I mostly use Adobe Lightroom Mobile, Adobe Lightroom Desktop, Adobe Premire Pro, VSCO, RNI Films, SKRWT etc.

How can people find you online? (Promote your website, Instagram, YouTube, Etc)

Instagram : @raz.izzuddin

Facebook :

YouTube : Raz Izzuddin

Final bonus question: What's the most ridiculous question a random person has asked you while you’re flying your drone?

“Are you stalking someone?”. After that I kind of avoiding to fly drone in the vicinity of neighbourhood.

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