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Featured Community Member: Axel Berkhoff

Axel has been part of our community of Instagrammers for a while, and is always posting some pretty unique images from the Netherlands. He hasn't been shooting that long, but he's definitely progressing at a fast rate! Thanks for being part of Aerial Guide, Axel!

How were you introduced into the world of photography/videography?

I was introduced by my sister

How did you get started into photography with a drone?

I always wanted to have a drone and one day i thought… why not.

Do you use your drone for commercial work? How did you get started in commercial work?

No, i do not use it for commercial yet but i want to start it soon.

How do you typically find clients for aerial photography/videography?

Mostly friends and just go and photograph.

Did you go to school for photography/videography or are you self taught?

No, I learned it from my sister and YouTube.

What’s you favorite photo or video you’ve ever taken?

The picture of the tulip because KLM used it in its magazine.

What’s the most difficult part of being an aerial photographer/videographer?

The wheather.

What inspires you to get out and shoot?

I love to be outside and i love the way the earth looks from above!

What’s your best piece of advice for anyone just starting out with drone photography/videography?

Just go outside and fly, when u in the air the first time is so cool and u see so much opportunities.

What’s your current drone/photography setup?

Currently i have a DJI Mavic Pro, but soon I want to buy the Mavic 2 Pro.

What editing programs do you use?

I use lightroom and sometimes photoshop.

How can people find you online?

They can find me on instagram @axelberkhoff, soon i will have a website.

What's the most ridiculous question a random person has asked you while you’re flying your drone?

The older people don't like drones and they mostly ask you if it is legal.

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