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Complete Mavic Pro Pre-Flight Checklist

There is a lot going on when you go to fly the drone for fun or work. Even a veteran pilot can forget a micro SD card every once in a while. Having a complete list is helpful to keep track of everything with a helpful guide.


  • Check your flying in a safe flight zone.
  • Check Weather Conditions, Wind, Temperature, etc.
  • Check for Firmware Updates
  • Check for DJI GO 4 app updates
  • Plan Flight Route
  • Make sure area is free of obstacles above

Make sure items are present

  • Mavic Pro Drone
  • Batteries
  • Remote Controller (RC)
  • (2) Foldable Propellers
  • Micro SD card
  • Phone or Tablet with DJI GO 4 (link to page with compatible devices)
  • Cable to connect RC to Phone

Battery Check

  • Inspect overall aircraft/battery for damage
  • Check Mavic Pro Battery level
  • Check RC battery level
  • Check Phone or Tablet battery level

Prepare the aircraft

  • Unfold arms of Mavic
  • Extend propellers
  • Remove gimbal cover
  • Attach ND filters( if needed)
  • Insert Micro SD Card
  • Unfold the antennas
  • On the side of the RC, make sure “Sport" is off
  • On the Mavic Pro, make sure the mode switch is set to “RC"
  • Set Mavic Pro on a flat, level surface
  • If using a phone, attach to bottom of the RC
  • If using a tablet, attach the tablet and tablet adapter to the RC

Powering up

  • Turn on phone and enter the DJI GO 4 app
  • Turn on the Remote Controller
  • Turn on the Mavic Pro
  • Lights will flash on the bottom of the Mavic Pro
  • The Mavic Pro will make the “DJI chime” (for lack of a better term)
  • The gimbal will move
  • Connect Mavic Pro to DJI GO 4
  • Adjust camera settings
  • Wait for GPS & Compass
  • Set a good return to home point

Begin Flight

  • Hold both of the sticks to the middle-center
  • Let Mavic Pro idle and inspect for irregular vibrations or movements
  • To launch the Mavic Pro, press the left stick up and the Mavic will take off.
  • To stop the Mavic Pro, press the left stick down and the propellers will stop.
  • Press Record
  • Hover to check for irregular vibrations or movements

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