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Buying a DJI drone at the Apple Store

Where to buy a DJI drone is surprisingly a frequently asked question in my Instagram direct messages - specifically "where is the best place to buy a drone?" or "Where is the best drone store?", so I decided to make a series of article posts dedicated to each of the major places you can purchase a DJI drone from. Of course, there are lots of smaller camera shops and boutique stores but I’ll be focusing on larger stores. Do they accept store coupons? Gift cards? What place offers the best rewards? I’ll be reviewing Apple Stores, Amazon, Best Buy, Cabelas, Kohls & Target in this series.

Apple drone?

At the Apple Store, you’re limited to a short list of drones and color ways. I tried to buy a black Mavic Air at an Apple store and they store associates didn’t know the drone was offered in different colors. They did have a fly more combo available - but it was the black version of the Mavic Air. I made a list of models that are available at the Apple Store below, so if you need a drone now and they have it - go pick it up! Otherwise - check out DJI Direct or Amazon.

DJI models available at the Apple Store

Knowledge of Drones

I know most research is done online these days, but when it comes to knowing the differences between drones and the sales experience it’s nice to have access to someone who knows what they’re talking about to help you get the drone you want without explaining the differences between the fly more combo and regular package. Or if you want to know if the Phantom 4 batteries work on the Phantom 4 Pro - it’s nice to get a straight answer without the associate just googling it. Since the Apple store is focused on phones, tablets and computers, I’m not really going to hold them to that kind of standard because you won’t get great answers. I asked a simple question about colors and they weren’t sure and had to ask a manager.

Coupons, Discounts & Offers

The Apple store offers financing at Barclaycard, with a rewards program. The Apple Store does not offer coupons to be used on any Drone purchase, but you can use gift cards as you normally would. If you have some Apple gift cards laying around, this would be a good time to use them!

Other buying options

Buying Direct from DJI

Buying direct has is advantages. Like no tax. This saves some money right now - and can use the extra savings to buy accessories for the drone. Like much needed filters.

Buying on Amazon

Buying on amazon from amazon direct gives you two BIG advantages. One, the prices tend to fluctuate and typically go under MSRP of most other places. You're pretty likely to find a deal here. The second it that Amazon has the best return policy you can possibly get. No questions asked return/refund/exchanges and 2 day shipping make this a pretty attractive alternative to the most popular way of buying - direct.

DJI Care

All new drones can have DJI Care purchased within 24 hours of activating the drone regardless of where you buy it from. As long as it is brand new and from an authorized seller you can purchase DJI Care Refresh and for a small fee (depends on the drone, but about $75) DJI will ship you a new drone if you crash yours. Renters insurance policy cover drones that are stolen, or you can add the drone to your ‘scheduled items’ for an additional yearly fee. But the DJI Care Refresh saves hassle amending items to your renters insurance, or upgrading your policy to include accidental damage to the drone. If you have a renters insurance policy, it might be worth checking out - but DJI Care Refresh stays with the serial number it was attached to - so if you go to sell your drone in the future DJI Care Refresh will still be attached to that serial number on that drone.

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